If you have the interior of your home exactly how you would like it, yet you feel there is something missing, consider plantation shutters, which offer elegant screening and shading options. The stylish look of plantation shutters can complement any room and with so many styles and materials to choose from, creating something unique is easy. There are companies that specialise in bespoke screening, and with either natural timber or powder coated aluminium, you can create the perfect screening for every room in the house.

Complete Control

Plantation shutters have slats that tilt, and this allows you to fine tune the amount of lighting and privacy you require, and with effortless adjustment, the ambience will always be just right. If you live in Victoria, there are affordable plantation shutters in Melbourne from a leading company who know how to create the perfect shading. The wide range of style and material options makes for a chance to use your creativity and imagination, and with the suppliers expertise, your new screening will exceed your expectations.

Basswood Timber

Australia has many tree species, with Basswood being one of the most popular timber choices. The slats are machined to furniture grade, and with some varnish, the natural grain of the timber is clear for all to see, or if you prefer a painted surface, you are not limited in your choice of colours. Plantation shutters are easy to keep clean, and if you do select timber as the material, you might be surprised at just how affordable it is.

Faux Timber

This is perfect for wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom, and the grain can be matched with the real timber shutters in other rooms. Faux timber grain is maintenance free and all it takes to keep them looking like new is a wipe with a damp cloth, and with a smooth mechanism, adjustment is very easy.


Ideal for the modern home, the powdered aluminium slats come in a wide range of colours and are also suitable for wet areas like around the pool, or indeed, in any exterior environment. If you would like to know more about plantation shutters, an online search will give you a lot of information about how they are made, and once you have decided to get a quote, an online search is by far the easiest approach.

Stylish and Elegant Shading

Plantation shutters are so popular because they offer a stylish way to effectively screen your home, and the fine tuning of the slat adjustment makes for instant shading or privacy. As with most home improvements, the installation is critical, which is why you should only deal with an established company, and one that has many years of hands-on experience designing, fabricating and installing shutters in a domestic environment.

If you would like a shading and screening solution that adds character and elegance to your home, plantation shutters are the ideal solution.

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