A propane tank is almost a necessity for homeowners. Sadly, these tanks look anything but pretty. If you have perfect interiors with a flawless decor theme, you probably have a common question like others – can I paint my propane tank? Well, the answer is yes, but before you paint your tank, here are some of the essential things you need to know.

No random paint

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has mentioned a few standards for the color of propane tanks that must be followed. According to their standards, only a light and reflective color can be used for painting propane tanks, and there are restrictions with regard to the types of color and paints that can be used. If you think of flouting these standards, think again because there are state and federal laws to ensure the safety of consumers. The colors that are mostly used for gas tanks include gray, light gray, white and silver. Depending on the state laws, some pastels shades can be used. To know more about the options, talk to your local propane dealer or supplier who can offer more details the current laws and standards.

Should I bother about the color of my propane gas tank?

Yes, you should, because it is a matter of your safety. Compressed propane gas is affected by temperature and can expand or contract based on other factors. Since dark colors tend to absorb more heat, it can lead to the expansion of propane gas, which will eventually exert pressure on the safety valve. As a result, the gas can eventually escape. Propane, as we all know is a highly combustible gas, and thereby, when you expose the gas tank to higher temperatures than normal, the risks related to combustion can increase.

Buying paints

There are industrial grade paints specifically designed for metal surfaces, and you can use these in the mentioned colors for your propane tanks. Paints meant for metal surfaces help in preventing rust, and therefore, in a way, these paints can protect the gas tank. If you already have rust on the tank, it is important that you consider fixing the problem before using any paint. Due to its color, rust can cause the absorption of heat, which is a safety hazard. If the rusting is minimal, you can use sandpaper to scrape it off. However, do not paint tanks that are extremely rusted. In most cases, these need to be replaced. Contact your propane supplier to find out more.

It is possible to add some more elements for designing the propane tank, but all of these things should be in sync with the standards. Do not paint your propane tank for fun, because it may compromise with the safety and structural integrity. It is always better to talk to your propane supplier in detail because nothing is more essential and important than the safety of your entire family and house. Also, make sure that you buy metal surface paints of the highest quality for your painting project.


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