Guns and firearms in their many forms have been a part of the human experience for centuries, however, it wasn’t until the industrial revolution that they became accessible to most people. Guns are instruments of force intended to harm or kill an object or animal by propelling bullets. Firearms, which include guns, are a specific type of gun that uses an explosive propellant to discharge a projectile at high speeds. Sporting and hunting firearms are used for pleasure or sport while weapons and military firearms are used for protection and warfare.

History of gun manufacturing

  • The history of gun manufacturing started with the discovery of gunpowder. This discovery led to a weapon’s evolution from arrows to firecrackers and then firearms. As technology advanced, people began to design more efficient and sophisticated guns capable of much faster rates of fire. Guns and firearms have since been used for sport, recreation, hunting, and self-defense. It has become an indispensable part of military operations, law enforcement, and crime.
  • Guns were first made in China as fire lances, which were the first guns to be used in battle. These were just metal tubes that burned gunpowder and shot out projectiles at a high speed. This technology was later taken to Europe where Europeans began using guns. They also started making guns that would have a metal rod-like object, with gunpowder and a projectile inside. In this time period, most small guns would have bullet casings made from paper or leather. It was in the late 18th century when guns were standardized and guns started to become more widespread around the world.

Common mistakes and errors to avoid when handling or using a gun or firearm

Today, guns and firearms are being used for more reasons than just for hunting or for the defense of yourself and your home. In fact, there are now several sporting events that use shooting as a major attraction such as clay pigeon shooting and sporting clays.

Handling a gun or firearm is a serious matter and if it is done in that light, chances of accidental discharge or serious injury are decreased. Many things can be practiced at home to become a safe and responsible gun owner. Some of the safety measures include locking your gun(s) and ammunition separately in locked cabinets, cleaning your weapon after firing and storing it in a dry place between usage, handling a weapon with correct respect, using proper ammunition for your model, practicing at reloading time, being careful about stains on clothing, avoiding clutter around the area of usage to avoid accidents and most importantly keeping guns away from children.

Proper Usage

Don’t point your gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot and be sure of your target and what lies beyond. Never shoot a gun unless you are within range and can clearly see your target, and always use the correct ammunition for the type of gun you’re using. And, never handle a firearm if you’ve been drinking alcohol or taking drugs, even over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs that may cause drowsiness. Gun safety is a must.

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