Your home is your private space. It should be secure and “private” in the real sense, so that you can enjoy life in the way you like. Of course, there are trespassers, prying neighbors and other factors that hinder the privacy. If you are a new homeowner, you can do a few basic things to enhance the privacy of your house. Here are the best tips at a glance.

  • Add a fence. Sounds like a pretty obvious solution, but fencing is effective for keeping outsiders at bay. You can go for higher fences that are at par with the height of the windows, so that people cannot sneak in. Fencing can be done with many materials, but wood topped with protecting finish is easily one of the best choices. Also, this is a onetime investment.
  • Go for hedging. Hedges are extremely great for landscaping and work like a natural fence around the property. Just get a landscaping artist when you shift, and your hedges can grow in a few months. Hedges also work like a barrier against strong winds, so if you have plants in the garden or backyard, these can help offer much needed protection.

  • Choose window shutters. Many people don’t like the idea of having closed windows, but it is not possible to keep the windows open at all times either. Go for window shutters, which are easy to install and can last a lifetime. You can change the opening of the shutters, as and when required and avoid those staring eyes of neighbors. Check for more information.
  • Plant more trees. Besides hedges, trees are also great for natural fencing. Also, if you have a lot of trees in the backyard or garden, you can reduce the impact of sun ways. This will help in minimizing the energy bills. Unlike hedging plants, trees don’t need regular maintenance and pruning, which is a big advantage for sure.
  • Add an enclosed patio. If you have the space, an enclosed patio is a great way to add value to your new home. You can use the space as an additional outdoor living space, and the costs are extremely effective, given that this is a long-term investment. Just in case you plan to sell the house sometime later, you can expect a better price.

  • Curtains and blinds can help. If shutters are out of your budget, you can go for heavy curtains and blinds, which work well for most requirements. For new homes, you can play around a lot of colors and themes, and therefore, the overall style aspect is not compromised.
  • Opt for stained glass. If you want to replace the clear glass windows, stained and colored glass is a great choice. Stained glass looks lovely, regardless of the interior theme, and you can always get customized options for you needs by discussing the goals with an interior expert and local contractor.

Check online for more ideas, and don’t shy away from experimenting with the options given above.

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