If a holiday abroad is too expensive for you this year or coronavirus lockdowns prevent us from travelling, there’s no need to distress! A staycation, or a holiday at home, needn’t be as depressing as it might sound. In fact, it can be a lot of fun! There are countless benefits of spending time at home to relax and recharge before your 9 to 5 kicks back in. Here are some awesome ideas that you should take into consideration if you want your home to be the perfect place for a staycation:

  1. Build a garden shed or a summer house: Summer Houses and garden sheds can be the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and in many cases the chaos of the house, too! If you decide to build a summer house in your garden, there are multiple different things you’d be able to use it for. For instance, you could convert it into a cinema room, an art studio or a bar. No matter what you choose to do with it, it’ll be an awesome place to hang out during your staycation.
  2. Rearrange your furniture: It might sound simple, but rearranging your furniture to make it appear as though your house is more spacious is a fantastic way to bring about holiday vibes in your house. Although it certainly won’t be the same as a holiday abroad, a change in your surroundings is likely to lead to a change in your mindset, which is exactly what you want if you’re looking for some time to wind down and relax.
  3. Try to create a resort feel: You might think that it’s easier said than done, but there are many simple things you can do to give your home resort vibes. Have a look at some of the key parts of your home to see where you can add some resort-like touches. For instance, change up the colour scheme on your blankets and pillows to lighter colours and purchase some resort-like furniture. If you really want to add a special touch, buy some candles to create a romantic, sunset by the beach-like atmosphere.
  4. Get rid of your clutter: Getting rid of useless junk that no longer serves its purpose might sound easy. But in reality, it’s often the case that we feel a sentimental connection with old items and are reluctant to throw them away. However, if you really want your home to be a place of comfort during your staycation, then these items aren’t going to help. Spend a day or two sorting through the things you need, the things you want to give to others and the things that simply need to be thrown away.
  1. Decorate the floors with rugs: Last but not least, buying new and colourful rugs is a simple touch that you can make to ensure that your home has got the perfect vibes for a staycation. Try to buy rugs and mats similar to those that you’d find in a hotel.

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