Heating systems like a furnace are essential to survive the harsh winters of Canada. The furnace is a dynamic heating system that can be converted into a cooling system during the summers. Whether you are looking to install or repair your furnace or turn to add an air conditioning unit, reach out to AirMakers. Their trusted experts will help you out and answer all the questions that you might have about it. If lately, you have been facing issues with your furnace, their experts will carry out a thorough inspection and figure out whether it requires a repair or replacement. Most of the time, repairing the furnace can turn out to be more expensive in the long run than replacing it. Following are some of the situations in which it becomes necessary to replace the existing furnace.

A furnace that has broken down

If your furnace is older than 10 years old and constantly keeps breaking down, it is time to consider getting it replaced. After a point, it is not reasonable to keep repairing the furnace.

Red-tagged Furnace

If the furnace has been ‘red-tagged’ by a licensed gas fitter technician, it is time to change it. When the Red tag is ‘Type A’, it means that the heating system of the furnace is highly unsafe and shouldn’t be used. When this happens, the case is usually cut off from the meter by the technician. When the furnace has been given a ‘Type A’ red tag, it is suggested that you get a second opinion. Sometimes it happens that the tags are given even when the HVAC is in a good condition.

When you are given a Red tag for a non-compliant problem, it is suggested to replace the furnace before repairing it. There are times when the Red Tag is given during winters when you would have to undertake replacement or repair. To avoid such problems, it is wise to check the heating system before the winters arrive.

An Old Furnace

The furnace has a life of between 15 to 25 years. It is highly suggested that you replace the furnace every 20 years to ensure that heating is highly efficient. To ensure that the furnace will work properly for a long time to come, you must keep it maintained.

When the repair and operating costs of the furnace increase

When a furnace ceases to work properly, it impacts the gas and the hydro bill. If you have noticed any considerable increase in the bills, it is time to consider a replacement.

Reach out to the experts

It is not always possible to know whether to repair or replace the furnace. Having an expert by your side will help to make this decision easier. They will carry out a thorough inspection and recommend the course that needs to be taken. Replacement is always considered to be the last option. If replacement is required, they will guide you in choosing the best furnace for your home.

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