Washrooms should be accessible to all. There can be multiple challenges that arise when building something as basic as a washroom. Even after it is well thought out, there are many aspects that one might forget. An essential aspect of an accessible bathroom is universal washroom doors installation. Six steps need to be followed when undertaking this installation. We are here to tell you all about them.

Step 1: Installation of a low energy door

A basic is that the bathroom should be easy to open. When the door requires a lot of effort to open, it instantly becomes inaccessible. While installing the door, it is essential to keep in mind that it is a low energy door. Meaning that it should require lesser energy to open up.

Step 2: Easily Controlled

The door being installed should have a control kit along with an electric strike. This instantly brings down the effort and makes the door easier to control.

Step 3: Having an emergency button

There is no denying the fact that accidents can easily happen in the washroom. It is always great to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Hence, it is a great idea to have emergency buttons installed in the washroom. It will help to make the bathroom a much safer space for the users.

Step 4: Installation of a Store Room Function Lever

Once you have installed the emergency button, next comes the storeroom function lever. Installation of this lever gives access to the facility from a more central system. Even if someone does get stuck inside the bathroom, having this lever makes it easier to deal with the situation.

Step 5: A Grab Bar and Mirror

We’ve all heard multiple incidents of slipping in the bathroom. Installing a grab bar is a great way to deal with it. It provides the user with the extra support that they need in the bathroom. All the user has to do is rely on the bars for support. Along with this installation, the mirror should also be put in the washroom. No washroom is ever complete without the installation of a mirror.

Step 6: Installing the door operator

The type of door operator you choose impacts its ease of use. The last step is its installation. It is suggested to install a door operator that has a 110v power supply. Such a door is easier to be operated.

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Building a more accessible word needs more effort and thoughts than one can imagine. When building a washroom, it must be easily accessible to all. During the designing phase, it is natural to forget certain things and how they impact the functionality. It is always a great idea to have experts by your side. They will evaluate the plan and help you to build a bathroom that is easily accessible. During the process, they will answer all the questions you might have. Their unparalleled advice will make it a smooth sailing installation.

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