Designing the interior of your home can be an enjoyable task. Choosing the color scheme, furniture arrangement, and materials for the floors brings out your creative side and gives the home a personal touch you can enjoy for years to come. However, if your home has small windows that interrupt your design pattern or limit the amount of sunlight in a room, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few simple design tricks you can use to make any room’s windows look bigger or wider than they are and complement the rest of your interior as well.

1.Pull Some Clever Curtain Illusions

The way you hang curtains can change the appearance of your windows and make them look taller or wider. To give the illusion of tall windows, hang long curtains so the edges nearly touch the floor. You can accomplish this by installing the curtain rod at the highest point possible, perhaps an inch or so from the ceiling. You can cover any wide spaces near the top of the windows with decorative valances, which adds an extra touch of class to the window dressing.

Narrow windows can be a distraction to the eye, but using drawing curtains can make them look wider. Choose large curtains you can draw past the edge of the window, which gives the illusion that the remainder of the fabric is covering additional window instead of wall. Remember to space out the material on the rod so bunching does not draw the eye to it.

2.Be Shady

Using window shades creatively can give your windows a whole new look, especially if you want them to appear taller. Layering shades with curtains is an especially clever way to disguise small windows. To accomplish this, hang the shades directly under the curtain rod and then pull the end down so it hangs about six to eight inches below the valance. This trick works best with darker curtains that hide the top of the shade from sight. A neutral color scheme can provide a chic appearance to bedrooms and living rooms while allowing you to tweak your windows’ appearance this way.

3.Use Bold Borders

Bold colors draw the eye and enhance almost any design scheme, so using them can be an affordable way to make your windows pop. First, choose a color scheme for the room that will complement a bold hue, such as bright shades of yellow or vibrant blue. Next, use those same colors to paint wide borders around your windows. If you think the effect is too intrusive, use a two-tone scheme, such as white and yellow or lime green and beige.

4.Replace a Few Windows

If all else fails and your home’s walls do not give you much room to hang wide curtain rods or paint wide borders, you can always replace a few windows in the rooms you most want to change. If you live in Southeast Texas, window companies in Houston can advise you on window choices that suit your budget and design ideas. You do not have to make dramatic changes, as new windows that are even a few inches wider or taller can make all the difference.

Window design tricks can make any home’s interior look bright and spacious. Remember to plan your window measurements carefully before you hang curtains or paint for the best possible results.

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