Replacing your mattress can be a bit overwhelming. Besides endless choices in the market, your decision is going to impact your sleep for at least five to ten years. So, how do you pick the right one? In this post, we have enlisted a few tips and suggestions that will come handy.

Start with the basics

Mattresses are made of many materials, but there’s one thing that needs the maximum attention – The overall support.

  1. If you are someone who likes a bouncy bed, an innerspring mattress is your best pick. These mattresses have metal coils, which create that effect. People on the plus size need to ensure that the support is enough, so that if someone moves on the other side of the bed, it doesn’t disturb your sleep. Typically, such mattresses have a quilted surface. Keep in mind that not innerspring mattresses are the same, so you should either choose something with better quilting or opt for an expensive brand.

  1. Memory foam mattresses are your best pick, especially if you like a firm bed that doesn’t move. Basically, when sleep or sit on these beds, nothing beyond the top layer will budge. To shop for such mattresses, you have to consider the density of the foam, which can be anywhere between two to six inches. You can check websites of known brands like BedExpert, where you can find some good offers on memory foam mattresses.
  1. Don’t want something too firm either? You can go for latex mattresses, which have a good amount of spring support but are quite firm at the same time. Please note that there are synthetic and natural latex designs, but you should opt for the later, which is not only great in terms of durability but also resistant to mold.

  1. The final choice is a rubber chamber mattress, which has air inside. These are not very common or popular but a good choice when you want to adjust the amount of air inside. Some of the mattresses have two different chambers for the air, so that the air can be adjusted for two people sleeping on two sides of the bed.

Before you take a call, consider the brand, your lifestyle choices and overall warranty on the product. It is always advisable to go for something that will last for at least a decade. After all, mattresses are expensive, especially the good ones.

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